Migration Strategy

Does the following seem familiar?

  • Your operators claim they need 10 screens to operate the plant

  • Your graphics look cluttered

  • Your graphics are more colorful than a carnival

  • During an abnormal situation are your operators rapidly jumping between screens searching for the information they need

  • Your graphics developed page-for-page from the P&ID’s

  • Your graphics do not incorporate the latest research into cognitive processing

Do you realize a poor human-machine interface can actually prevent your operators from responding to abnormal situations properly, costing you lost production, equipment damage, and possible injuries?

Most companies have a large investment in old technology, and traditional interfaces. Making a dramatic change is often very expensive, time consuming, and only a major change in technology allows the site to upgrade the current displays.

Service Description

To assist clients in making more cost effective changes outside the traditional DCS upgrade project, we offer a migration strategy service. This migration strategy sets a path forward that allows implementation of best practices, over time, within normal system maintenance budgets.
For additional information or to book this service please E-mail us at:  sales@mycontrolroom.com