Situation Awareness Workshop


One of the most important steps in any control room project is to align your staff by having a common understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your existing control rooms. User Centered Design Services recommends a project focused two day Situation Awareness workshop at the beginning of every control room project. This can be done in combination with a Control Room Gap Analysis, from which we will often develop a Fish Bone Diagram of existing control room issues at your site.


It is important, for a successful control room project, to understand identified worst practices in control room design, leverage best practices and develop a shared vision and a project motto. It is also essential that we develop an understanding of best practices in ergonomic control room design based on the international ISO 11064 standard.

Service Description

Our two-day CR Situational Awareness Workshop provides an overview of the key elements that impact successful control room design. This workshop incorporates the findings from the research of the Abnormal Situation Management Consortium® and experience from site studies across multiple industries in over 24 Countries. We will review the enemies of situation awareness and how they can be
designed out of a control room design. The workshop will be tailored toward the decisions and challenges faced by the Client while approaching a control building project, and will be an excellent starting point for discussion within the organization. This will also facilitate the discussions that will occur during the Conceptual Design process.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • The International Ergonomic Standards for Control Rooms (ISO 11064)
  • What is in an Operating Philosophy
  • Common Control Room Issues including Distractions, Noise, Lighting, and Operator Vigilance
  • Alarm Management and Human Computer Interface (HCI) design.
  • How to design communications for a centralized control building
  • Relationship between CCR and Field Shelter and the RP752 Recommended Practices for Occupancy (if appropriate)
  • How to improve team work, communications and collaboration
  • Console adjacency
  • People – Primary & Secondary
  • Functionality and room adjacency
  • CRIOP – Crisis Intervention and Operability Analysis
  • Documents involved in a Conceptual Design

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