Project Facilitation


A properly implemented alarm system can reduce operator work load, improve situational awareness and aid the operator in preventing minor deviations from becoming major incidents. A poorly implemented system adds to workload, increases frustration, stress, and confusion, and can ultimately impact safety, reliability, production, and profitability.

Does the following seem familiar?

  • During plant upsets are the alarms coming in so fast that your console operator has someone stand next to them and press the silence button

  • Your console operators pick their own alarms settings

  • Alarms are configured, but no one knows why they were set at that particular value

  • Your console operators only look at the screen when the alarm goes off

  • You have pages of disabled or standing alarms

  • Your site does not have a clearly written, well understood, and fully implemented alarm management philosophy

Our extensive experience has shown that the key to a successful alarm management project is treating it as a project, with management commitment, goals, budgets, schedules, and allocated resources. Keeping this project on track can be a daunting task for a Project Manager who has likely never managed a project quite like this.

Service Description

UCDS can provide Project Facilitation Services that will assist the site in setting up the project, provide periodic site visits to check in on the progress of the project, and provide unlimited telephone and email support for the project team. UCDS will visit the site for a two day kickoff meeting, followed by two day meetings each quarter for the next year to assess progress.

In addition UCDS can provide a project manager that remains with the project and works with site personnel to implement the alarm rationalization project.

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