Company Overview

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UCDS Company Overview

Company Mission

Our mission is to impact all aspects of plant operations by implementing Best Practice solutions for reducing the frequency and severity of abnormal situations and instituting efficient and effective work processes. We accomplish this by evaluating current plant conditions, making realistic and achievable recommendations for improvement, and assisting in implementation of the recommendations.

Company Profile

UCDS, Inc. is a U.S.-based Organization serving world-wide clients.

Our organization’s collective background of our organization brings more than 50 years of experience in the Refining and Petrochemicals industries and have designed more than 1,500 control room facilities, our proven first-hand plant experience enables us to design an overall work environment that optimizes operator and organizational performance.

Since its inception, User Centered Design Services has demonstrated vital diversity by actively engaging clients in every region the world and across multiple industries. We combine our extensive expertise and key industry affiliations to provide the framework for successfully meeting our clients’ business objectives. Our experience includes Iron & Steel, Copper, Aluminum, Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals, Radar, Pipeline, Power Plant, Transmission and Distribution Centers, Pharmaceutical, Carbon Plants, Pulp and Paper, Financial, and more.

Our Vision:

User Centered Design Services, Inc. is a consulting company focused on Operational Excellence.

Our vision is to implement Best Practice solutions for reducing the frequency and severity of abnormal situations, dramatically improving the nature of operations in production facilities. These Best Practices impact all aspects of plant operation and will result in improved plant performance, a reduction in incidents, and improved safety and profitability.

UCDS implements Best Practice solutions for reducing the frequency and severity of abnormal situations