Control Room Excellence a goal all managers want to achieve which includes a zero harm - zero incident culture. Production excellence begins within the core of operations, the control room. Our operators and controllers must work in a best in class environment and have world class training, tools, and support in order to stay vigilant, aware, and predictive.

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Operator Effectiveness Means Money
Arnold Oliver of Worsley Alumina challenged his process control group to improve process efficiency. The goal was to get operators to set setpoints closer to the maximum process capacity. To achieve this, operators needed an environment that was optimized. Operator effectiveness was the major focus for changes that proved to provide significant returns on their investment.
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Experts in Improving Operator Effectiveness

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User Centered Design Services, Inc (UCDS) provides services for improving operator effectiveness and the ability to detect, diagnose, and manage abnormal situations. We apply human factors / user centered design in the control room, layout, operator consoles, large overview displays, and reduce traffic and distractions in the control room. We help implement standards in alarm management, HMI design, fatigue management, and shift handover. We develop strategic operator selection processes for new hires and create the training programs and documentation to ensure your new operators understand your process and are prepared to operate under all conditions. Below are two of our most popular services:

Control Room DesignControl Room Design: We understand what operators do so we design control rooms on functionality and effectiveness rather than flare: read more
Operator Staffing StudyOperator Staffing Study: Do you have the right number of operators to safely meet your operating objectives, is the workload balanced, and is each position above or below the industry pace setters?  read more